• Liv Wu

The Best Meditation Teacher Training Program 2022

Written by Liv Wu

With hundreds of meditation teacher training programs out there it can be incredibly overwhelming trying to figure out which one works for you and is worth the investment. I know this because I personally researched dozens of training programs for close to a year, before landing on the one I felt would give me the most knowledge in the least amount of time, and the ability to deepen my own practice and confidently teach others. One in particular stood out as the best.

The Unplug Meditation Teacher Training Program with davidji (World renowned meditation teacher trainer) and Suze Yalof Schwartz (Founder/ CEO of Unplug)

Unplug Meditation was established in 2008, and is the world’s first drop-in meditation studio and has a global app filled with the top teachers in the world. In other words, they already have the real experience of knowing what it takes to create star teachers that lead packed classes and teach to huge companies. Unplug teachers have appeared in the NY TIMES, traveled on cruises with Oprah Winfrey and have opened studios and retreat centers across the globe.

What makes this program unique is the balanced teachings of deep spiritual knowledge and modern techniques from davidji combined with Suze’s entrepreneurial experience of running a sought after meditation studio. You will get lots of personal attention and actual live teaching time with the emphasis on deepening your own practice and being able to confidently teach in studio, one-on-one, virtually, as well as corporate settings. Starting from day 1, the Unplug Meditation Teacher Training Program pairs you with a partner so you can practice what you learn on video and live. By the end of 6 weeks, you will feel confident to teach anyone, anywhere in your voice with your own original content.

"Who am I to teach meditation"? I know that's how I felt but this is how they do it.

In just 6 weeks you will learn how to simplify the science of meditation (so you can explain it to anyone), learn all the different styles and techniques, the business, best practices, how to create original content, how to speak to the camera and how to engage the people in your class. Most importantly, you walk away with a consistent meditation practice of your own, a deep understanding and love of meditation, and a true connection and comradery of like minded people who, just like you, want to make the world better by creating more peace, presence and positivity.

Led by the internationally acclaimed meditation master davidji, the former COO of Chopra and best selling author, davidji has taught over 2,000 teachers. His method of teaching makes the experience fun and easy that you won’t want it to end. You’ll most likely end up writing down every word he says because he speaks in endless wisdom and brilliant Soundbites; You will also be media trained and guided by Suze who focuses more on simplifying and modernizing this ancient practice so that it appeals to a larger audience.

At the end of our 6-week journey, I felt I had formed an unbreakable bond with everyone in the program. When we shared our favorite things about it, many of us felt like we’ve found our voice. Not only that we learned the science and practical applications behind it, we can now easily share this knowledge with others with confidence.

If you are ready to make meditation part of your life journey, check out the Unplug Meditation Teacher Training Program and apply — The next course cycle begins on October 10, 2022! Bonus class perks include:

  • Lifetime membership to the Unplug Meditation App

  • 1 month FREE unlimited classes at the Unplug Meditation Studio (live and virtual)

  • Invitation to join the Unplug Meditation Teachers private group

  • Life-long friendships with Suze, davidji, and the Unplug Meditation community