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The Best Virtual Guided Meditation Classes to Stay Calm During the Pandemic

We’re spending most of our time at home these days, but virtual guided meditation can help us stay centered. These amazing livestream meditation courses can help you access meditation teachers in all kinds of modalities - all without leaving the comfort of home. Tune into a live virtual guided meditation class to have the studio experience from your living room.

The Best Virtual Guided Meditation Classes To Livestream Your Daily Dose of Calm

1. Breathwork

Breathwork class begins with setting an intention. Then, your medication coach will guide you in a two-part deep breathing technique to release stress and resistance, allowing creativity and happiness to rush in. Breathwork helps calm the nervous system and release endorphins to help your body calm itself. It’s a great way to become present quickly, and works as something of a “reset” for the rest of your day. Research indicates that breathwork is believed to help improve our emotional state while decreasing stress. Perfect option for a busy day!

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2. Calm, Present, & Relaxed

This class offers the powerful impact of meditation in a speedy format without sacrificing effectiveness. Calm, Present & Relaxed offers a 30-minute version of Unplug’s classic course format. If you’re rushing through a busy day of doing, this is a perfect opportunity to squeeze in a break to just be, whether it’s on your lunch break or a quick midday detour to peace and quiet.

In this class, your meditation coach will guide you into the present moment as you practice breath and body awareness techniques. You’ll spend half an hour truly immersed in the moment, and developing a greater awareness of your physical self and bodily sensations. Why are you having a particularly stressful or agitated day today? Meditation teachers in this session can help you consider the root causes so you can move freely from them.

Short virtual guided meditations offer a break to decompress in the middle of your workday. You can let the pile-up of stress from the first half of your day evaporate, and let go of any tension from difficult meetings or conversations. This pause is a great way to refresh your mind so you can return to your work with rejuvenated creativity and focus. You might even be a more cheerful coworker for the rest of the day!

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3. Sound Baths

Sound baths feel exactly like they’re name - a soothing “bath” of sound frequencies to transport you away from the stressors of the everyday. This livestream will bathe your body in vibrational currents and treat the senses. These ancient instruments have been used for centuries.

Meditation coach Allison Bagg will lead you with breathwork before you dive into the experience of crystal singing bowls, gongs, and chimes.

Sound baths can help relieve stress, ease fatigue, and decrease depression symptoms. Tune into this class to release negative emotions and reset for the rest of your day - and of course, find plenty of relaxation.

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4. Hypnosis for Stress Relief

Led by hypnotherapist Gina Hemmings, this virtual guided meditation will combine music and hypnosis to help rewire your subconscious mind for positivity. Gina will guide you into a state of deep relaxation to help break down past negative thought patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs. Hypnotherapy can help reduce stress, sadness, and anxiety, and can help reduce negative behaviors. Hypnosis can also help improve focus and attention, so it’s a great way to start a busy day!

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5. Deep Calm

This deeply relaxing and centering virtual guided meditation is an excellent start to your day. With the help of an Unplug meditation coach, you’ll get grounded in your breath and get present in the moment. After a Deep Calm session, ease and joy are easier to reach. You’ll be more likely to start your day with happiness, awareness, and concentration - and stress will be in the rearview mirror. Ease your mind before diving into focus for the day!

Sign Up: Deep Calm Virtual Guided Meditation

6. Brain Massage

This cutting-edge experience will ease you into deeper relaxation and meditation. Instructor Peter Oppermann will share guided visualizations to take you deeper inward. The class incorporates binaural MindTravel music, created with the help of neurological research to help you fully relax. Binaural beats have been found to reduce anxiety and improve performance, so they’re a great way to “reset” your brain at the end of a long day. Make sure you wear headphones for this one for the binaural frequencies to have their full effect!

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7. Manifesting Miracles

Everyone loves a miracle! Tune into this class to deepen your trust in the universe and open your mind to joyful experiences. Your meditation coach will lead you on a traditional style meditation adapted for today’s modern times. You’ll combine these techniques with the power of concentration to reduce tension, find more joy, and imagine the best possible scenario. In short, you’ll be getting yourself into a receptive state to notice amazing opportunities and to welcome amazing outcomes!

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8. Meditation for Stress Relief

Lift the heavy weight off your shoulders with this experience led by Sherly Sulaiman, a clinical hypnotherapist with 20 years of experience. This session combines meditation with self-hypnosis to help you access peace, calm, and wellbeing - no matter what is going on in the world around you. Hypnotherapy and meditation can reduce stress and help curb negative thought patterns. Give yourself the gift of freedom from your stressors as Sherly soothing voice guides you into a deeply relaxed journey.

Sign Up: Meditation for Stress Relief Virtual Guided Meditation

9. Chakra Balancing with Reiki

Led by world famous meditation coach and author Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, this session draws on reiki and crystals to help balance your chakras, open your heart, and ease stress. The evening hour makes the course an especially dreamy journey. This guided imagery meditation focuses on topics like goals, intentions, and manifesting. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality. Early research indicates reiki could help reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

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10. Calm In The Chaos

This online guided meditation is all about utilizing techniques that can help you stay calm, present, and kind in times of stress. We are living in a cultural moment of extreme uncertainty, and this session can help you meet that challenge with centeredness and wellbeing.

This class incorporates essential oils! Aromatherapy can work alongside traditional therapy to potentially help soothe anxiety and stress. (Before using your oil, double check that your family or pets don’t have any allergies to it!)

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